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November-December 2009

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October 2009

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NOVEMBER 2009 ISSUE  - CP&E - Contractors Plant & Equipment -  the digital publication for construction, mining, quarrying and demolition industries
Nov 2009


End of excavation work on the transfer tunnel, which is now 18 metres high   Rupert River Hydro-Power
  Schemes Make Progress.

The Canadian State of Quebec has several ambitious hydro-electric power projects in progress to maximise use of natural resources. However, Hydro-Québec is aware of the importance of maintaining river flows for the protection of the environment, wild life and communities that are reliant on a reliable river flow for fishing, tourism, etc.

The location is towards James' Bay, 1000 kilometres north of Montreal, Excavation of the bench continues in the tunnel.where the environment is extremely sensitive and the climate very severe.

One of the largest schemes, valued at almost five billion US dollars, is well advanced on the Rupert River, has three main components.

• Construction of the Eastmain-1-A - a 768-MW powerhouse alongside the existing Eastmain-1 powerhouse

• Construction of the Sarcelle150-MW powerhouse at the outlet of Opinaca reservoir

• Partial diversion of the Rupert River to these two generating stations and on to the Robert-Bourassa, La Grande 2-A, and La Grande-1 generating stations.

The Rupert diversion comprises the following structures and facilities:

• Four dams
• A spillway, which will also function as an in-stream flow release structure, on the River Rupert

• 74 lowlevel dam/dykes.

• Two diversion bays (forebay and tailbay) with a total area of 346 km²; at maximum operating level

• A 2.9-km-long tunnel between the Rupert forebay and tailbay

• A network of canals, with a total length of about 12 km, to facilitate flow in the various portions of the diversion bays

• Hydraulic structures on the Rupert River to maintain post-diversion water levels along approximately 48% of the river's entire length

Formwork and reinforcement in the inclined section of the penstocks.-April 2009









End of excavation work on the 18 m high transfer tunnel.



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