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November-December 2009

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 CANADA -   Rupert River Hydro-Power   Schemes Make Progress. - cont

Rupert River Hydro-Power Schemes Make Progress.



In addition to the main structures, there are also the many kilometres of 315-kV power lines to put in place to connect to the national grid and many kilometres of access roads.

Work started in 2007 and has advanced rapidly. With impoundment just beginning, detailed monitoring is being done to ensure minimal disturbance to the river flow. During impoundment of the diversion bays, which will last a few weeks, an environmental monitoring program will be carried out in close co-operation with the Cree tallymen concerned.

The program will focus on tracking wildlife in the area and observing the formation and characteristics of the ice cover.

Once completed, the impoundment will cover an area of 346 km². The project is scheduled for commissioning in 2011–2012 and will give Hydro-Québec's generating fleet additional capacity of 918 MW and additional output of 8.7 TWh per year.

The in-stream flow release structures at the Lemare, Nemiscau-1 and Nemiscau-2 dams and at Arques and LR-51-52 dikes will allow for the release of 100% of the mean annual flow of the Lemare and Nemiscau rivers into the Rupert River.

The main structure, located at Rupert's spillway, will release 29% of the Rupert's mean annual flow back into the river, which will result in a mean annual flow at Waskaganish of 48%. The level of Mesgouez Lake will remain untouched by the rise in water levels in the Rupert diversion bays.

Major Construction Works

Of the eight hydraulic structures planned downstream of the Rupert dam, four are currently under construction. Preparatory work is underway to build the structures the other four structures.

Once completed, the structures will help maintain water levels in the Rupert over about half its length downstream of the dam. These are important measures to help protect fish habitat, maintain navigation and preserve the landscape of the Rupert River.



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