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November-December 2009

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L 550 2plus2 ZK-HL
wheeled loader

Volvo A35EFS articulated haulers

Volvo E360C Excavators

Volvo E210C



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ENGLAND - Loader Handles Rock Salt

ENGLAND Loader Handles Rock SalUK company, Cobra Middlesbrough Limited, who has been operating Liebherr wheeled loaders at their rock salt processing facilities for a number of years, has taken another Liebherr loader on a three-year equipment supply and maintenance contract.

A new generation L 550 2plus2 ZK-HL wheeled loader joins an existing L 566, replacing an L 544. The company handles and processes around 500,000 tonnes of rock salt a year under contract to Cleveland Potash Limited and which arrives on site by rail from Boulby Potash mine.

The main uses for this product are road treatment during the icy winter months and, in a finer screened form, for animal feed salt. The incoming bottom-dump rail wagons discharge the rock salt into conveyors below ground, from where it is conveyed to the main stockpiles and subsequent processing.

The Liebherr L 5502plus2 ZK-HL is a high-lift version with Z-pattern bucket linkage and is an articulated, hydrostatically driven wheeled loader in the 16 tonnes class with a tipping load of 11,650kg. Power is supplied by a Liebherr engine, which develops 130kW and is fully compliant with Stage IIIA / Tier 3 emissions.

The standard general purpose bucket has a capacity of 3m and, combined with the HL arms, provides a load-over-height of 4.3 metres - ideal for loading material into bulkers and a combination that gives excellent productivity in a simple and cost-effective package.

To overcome the corrosion problems encountered when handling salt, the L 550 was subjected to some very special treatment and adaptations, all of which were carried out at Liebherr's wheeled loader factory in Bischofshofen, Austria.

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POLAND - Europe's Largest Highway Project

POLAND Europe’s Largest Highway Project The race is on to complete the second stage of Europe's largest highway project in Poland in time for the country to co-host the Euro 2012 football championship.

A €20 billion budget is going into improvements in the country's infrastructure from the European Union and Polish government.

The biggest road project is the A1 Autostrada, an economically vital road connecting Poland with its major ports on the Baltic coast.

When completed, the highway will travel the entire length of the country north to south from Gdansk to Gorzyczki, totaling 568km.

Work started in October 2005 on the first phase of the project, a 100 km stretch, which was completed in 2008. The second phase - worth €750 million - is now underway, comprising a total of 62 km of four-lane highway between Grudziadz and Torun, where the project joins the first phase.

The new phase includes 51 bridges, of which the longest across the Vistula River will be about 2,000 m long. The construction is being undertaken by Skanska Poland and NDI in a joint venture. They are employing the largest fleet of construction equipment in the country, worth more than €45 million, to work on the A1 motorway project.

During the peak of the second phase, there will be 4,500 people working as part of the construction team. Volvo Construction Equipment has been awarded the largest share of the equipment contract - 66 Volvo machines comprising 50 A40E haulers, four EW160C wheeled excavators, three EC360CL crawler excavators, three EC460CLs and six EC210CLs.

The site will also be used to evaluate the A35EFS articulated hauler. The Volvo dealer has set up a workshop at the site, stationing up to six mechanics, one project manager, six fully equipped service vans, two 4x4 pick-ups (for rapid response where the vans cannot get to) - and a well stocked parts container.

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