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November-December 2009

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NORWAY - World Record: 15,000 Tonnes On The Move

NORWAY - World Record: 15,000 Tonnes On The Move

A complicated arrangement of more than 540 axle lines of KAMAG and SCHEUERLE modular transporters recently broke the world record for the heaviest load on the move.

As part of a spectacular project, more than 15,000 tonnes were moved on self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs). With an accuracy of just 2 millimetres, this really was absolute precision work.

Consisting of 3 sections, the offshore module construction at Aker Stord in Leirvik, Norway´s largest shipyard is impressive. This mega project was carried out by the Belgian heavy haulage specialist, Sarens.

NORWAY - World Record: 15,000 Tonnes On The MoveTo move the module from the fabrication building required 356 axle lines of modular transporters and 16 Power Packs from KAMAG. With an additional 184 SPMT axle lines and 6 Power Packs of the sister company SCHEUERLE, rented from heavy haulage specialist Mammoet for this job.

The KAMAG and SCHEUERLE modular transporters (SPMTs) were coupled to each another electronically and driven via remote control under the 85.3 metres wide by 67.5 metres long load. With a huge surge of power, the load was raised to the required driving height, again with remote-controlled operations.

Driven by 9,400 horsepower, the first task was to move the 15,000-tonne load out of the shipyard. The 2,160 wheels turned synchronously by 90° and, after a 40-metre diagonal drive, the first maneouvre was accomplished.

The next step now involved reaching the pontoon. Once again, the sets of wheels turned in unison and then a straight run of a further 120 metres.

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