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  September 2009
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QATAR - Finishing Touches To Massive Ras Laffan Port Expansion [cont]

Abeko Hitachi excavators working in finishing works

Men and Machines

Abeko BV is recognized around the world for its capability in marine and coastal engineering projects. The company’s expertise, skilled operators and specially selected and modified machines is very much in evidence at Ras Laffan.
Critical to the works has been the 52 m long, 470 t. Abeko Server 1, which, with 30 m long spud legs, is able to work in water depths of up to 24 m. The large deck area of 6 m x 40 m allows the use of much larger, heavy-duty excavators. For Ras Laffan, the machine selected was a 230 t. O&K RH90C with triple boom, equipped with a 30 m boom and GPS Prolec Digmaster system enabling precision working in deep water.

Land-based equipment assisting in the finishing work was varied. In the placement of antifers, 127 t Hitachi Zaxis 850s are used. These are equipped with specially designed rotating grabs to pick up and position the heavy and large dimensioned blocks, which could be up to 3.0 m³.

To the untrained eye, the placement of the antifers seems random, but, in fact, they are carefully placed to ensure their effectiveness in dispersing wave energy and to prevent back-scouring.Kobelco crawler cranes at Ras Laffan, Qatar port expansion

Other Hitachi ZX850s are configured with long reach booms to give a 30 m reach. These were modified by Abeko with a special float arrangement on the end of the stick to improve handling. This was essential to enable the necessary precision when placing large rocks and concrete blocks under the water. Apart from the GPS Prolec Digmaster, some of these excavators also feature a sonar radar system to provide the operator with underwater vision.

All available equipment is being put to use in the final stages. Kobelco CKE 800 crawler cranes with an 80 t. lifting capacity, work alongside 130 t. Hitachi ZX870 excavators placing antifers as quickly as possible. These are delivered from a nearby stockpile, in a continuous flow, by Cat 988H and Cat 966H wheel loaders with front end handler.

Cat articulated dump trucks and rigid dump trucks are being used to haul the final batches of armour rock from the quarry stone stock pile. Highway trucks bring the material into the site. Working the stockpile is a Komatsu PC 600 excavator as the primary loader.

Although centrally positioned, such is the scale of the project that the haul distances can be several kilometres in length. The travel distances, extreme heat, humidity and a dusty environment are very tough conditions for the machines, the operators and workers.

Key equipment in the Abeko fleet includes:

  • 4 x 160 t. Hitachi EX1200/5 with triple boom giving a reach of 24 m. The track frame on these has been extended and widened for extra stability.
  • 1 x 150 t. Hitachi EX1100 with triple boom for a reach of 24 m.
  • 4 x Hitachi ZX870/3 with triple boom. These 130 t. machines have a 22 m reach.
  • 2 x Hitachi ZX870/3 Long Reach, with an operating weight of 130 t. and a reach of 24 m.
  • 5 x Hitachi ZX850 excavators with triple boom, an operating weight of 127 t. and 22 m reach.
  • 1 x 160 t. Hitachi EX1200-5 Long Reach providing 30 m reach. This unit features a special float attachment on the stick to increase stability when working at full reach under water.
  • 2 x O&K RH25.5 excavators, 80 t. with triple booms giving an 18 m reach.
  • The Abeko Server 1, self-propelled, fully automated, self sufficient jack-up barge.

These specially configured machines worked with a variety of Beco grabs and Krupp Hammers (up to and including the Krupp 7000 model.)

Caterpillar toolcarriers cary antifers.Additional excavators and other equipment was brought in as required from the extensive Abeko fleet which comprises over 150 pieces of equipment, all selected specifically for marine and coastal engineering works.

Equipment available includes multi-purpose self-propelled spud barges; heavy-duty tracked excavators; wheeled excavators up to 75 tonnes; wheeled loaders up to 90 tonnes; multidockers; bulldozers; articulated dump trucks and remote Caterpillar haulers and Komatsu excavators carry armour rock.controlled tracked loaders.

Almost all the machines have been extensively modified for the type of work they are required to do. [cont]


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