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  September 2009
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LIEBHERR R 984C Litronic High-Rise Industrial RehandlerUNITED KINGDOM
Largest Rehandler for Scrap Yard

The very first machine of its kind, believed to be the largest of its type in the world – the Liebherr R984 C High-Rise Industrial Rehandler – has recently been delivered to S. Norton & Co facilities at Liverpool in the UK.

The materials handler is now hard at work at Norton’s West Canada Docks facilities, in Liverpool, where it is loading large volumes of furnace-ready scrap metal into specialist cargo vessels for export all over the world.

A key feature of this machine is its ability to “soft load” bulk vessels by placing a layer of scrap metal on the cargo floor in a controlled operation, rather than simply dropping the load from height. This “soft load” process totally eliminates the possibility of damage to the cargo hold floor. With the soft-layer in place, loading can be done more quickly.

Major Recycler
S. Norton & Co has processing centres in Liverpool and Manchester which are designed to maximise extraction of recyclable ferrous and non-ferrous metals from incoming feed stock sourced nationwide, whilst minimising non-recyclable waste going to landfill. Norton’s modern shearing and shredding equipment ensures high-grade furnace-ready secondary metals for their global customer base, while ensuring significant reductions in tip-to-landfill non-recyclables with the environmental benefits that this engenders.

R 984 C High-Rise - soft loads at Norton scrap handlingDockside operations are largely based in Liverpool (South Canada 2 and 3 and West Canada docks), with a further exporting facility located in Southampton Docks.

In addition to their secondary metals activities, S. Norton & Co also operates an extensive collection service for all types of metal waste, with a large fleet of roll-on-off vehicles, articulated bulkers and over 300 skips of varying capacities.

This is the company’s latest addition to their materials handling fleet and joins seven other Liebherr machines, including four other R 984s which have been owned and operated by Norton for over six years.

It is estimated that these and the newly delivered R984 C High-Rise will be handling over 1,000,000 t of scrap metal annually.                        [cont]   


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