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  September 2009
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peri Marina Bay Singapore Complicated Marina Development

The South-East Asian city-state of Singapore is striving to become a top tourist destination. With its ambitious Marina Bay Sands project, the U.S.-based Las Vegas Sands Corporation, is currently developing a gigantic complex complete with convention facilities, casino, theatres, museum and an impressive hotel complex.

The three concave-shaped hotel towers dominate the city skyline and each has 55 floors that will be connected using a sky terrace on the roof at a height of nearly 200 m.

An international team of PERI specialists from Singapore and Germany created a comprehensive formwork and scaffolding solution for the Korean building company, SsangYong Engineering & Construction.

In particular, the SKYTABLE large slab tables as well as PERI ACS self-climbing technology have optimised construction progress with reduced crane times.

In each case, two asymmetrically curved legs have been positioned against each other which grow together like bridge pylons to form units.

Although the three hotel towers are identical with regard to the height and number of floors, the forms of the respective building elements nevertheless have considerable differences in terms of the base width, curvature radius and lateral offset dimension. Furthermore, the individual floors are also offset from one another in a longitudinal direction.

PERI provided the variable VARIO GT 24 girder wall formwork and the column formwork,which is based on the same components. In addition, versatile shoring with ST 100 stacking towers are quickly and easily installed using only a minimum of system parts.

peri Marina Bay Singapore Four days per floor
Only two cranes per tower are available to the construction crews. Thus, PERI engineers created crane-independent and crane-saving formwork solutions for the core walls and floor slabs respectively.

With the help of ACS self-climbing technology and the large-area SKYTABLE slab tables, crews can finish a complete floor with a standard height of three metres in only four days.

In order to be able to achieve this, the elevator shafts are climbed three cycles in advance. For the 25-centimetre reinforced concrete slabs, a total of 110 SKYTABLE slab tables are required for constructing two complete floors in each case.        [cont]  


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