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Technical Specifications

Pay-load capacity

200 kg or 2 persons

Travelling speed

24 m/min

Max lifting height

100 m

Cage width, internal

0.63 m

Cage length, internal

1.2 m

Cage height, internal

2.0 m

Door opening

0.59 m x 2.0 m

Motor control

Direct-on-line (DOL)

No. of motors

1 x 3.0 kW

Power supply range

380-420 V/50 or 60 Hz

Mast type

Tube mast

Mast section size

175 mm x 175 mm x 1508 mm

Rack module


Lifting height can be increased on demand.

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1552 EN/Aug. 2015


Strong, reliable and robust design based on many years

of experience

A compact mast and rack made of durable galvanized


Fastest external installation available. Substantial tie

distances saves time during installation

Effective space utilization within the cage

Adaptable to the majority of existing crane mast


Tie distance is adapted to tower crane mast platform for

ergonomic installation

Reversible lift cage allows the door to be located on the

right or left to suit different tower crane mast systems

Variety of accessories available