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The unique triple-shaft exciter
Unique solution
The facts:
The new triple-shaft exciter system has been designed to
improve the maneuverability and climb ability of a vibra-
tion plate in a revolutionary way. When working in cohesive
material the unfavorable tilting action of plates, fitted with
conventional double shaft exciter systems, and the lack of po-
werful climbing ability prevented the use of such machines or
provided poor compaction results. The ease in handling and
maneuvering of the machine can be felt particularly when the
use of low frequency – high amplitude is requested. The triple
shaft exciter system causes the plate to avoid erratic move-
ments, allowing a smooth travel even through heavy, cohesive
soil. The unique and even running travel rhythm makes the
plate effortless climb over obstacles and/or backfill with high
moister content without the usual suction effect, which often
causes the plate to come to a complete standstill.
The APH 5030, APH 6530 and APH 100-20 are fully hydraulic
vibrating plates and have been designed with the most fa-
vorable balance between impact force and centrifugal force in
their respective weight classes.
The result:
Maximum compaction performance – 60 kN or 100 kN respec­
tively. Based on the triple shaft exciter system and subse-
quently due to the unique balance of impact force and cen-
trifugal force model APH 6530 and model APH 100-20 offer
an excellent forward and reverse travel as well as astonishing
climb ability in cohesive material. Vibration plates fitted with
the triple shaft exciter system provide homogenous compac-
tion without disturb­ing the top layer of the compacted soil
due to a conti­nuousness contact to soil.
Powerful arguments:
Fully hydraulic, infinite servo-control gives the highest
precision for forward and reverse travel as well as for
point compaction.
Low-vibration control arm and operating system provides
a maximum in maneuverability, an effortless working
even over a long period of time and a fatigue-free ope-
A compact working height of only 765 mm allows an
additional layer of compaction below diagonal trench
Engine and hydraulic components are completely covered
to prevent damage during transportation and by fallin
debris during trench work.
Universal application through optimal, variable co-ordina-
tion of frequency, centrifugal force and amplitude.
Convenience is not an option standard feature includ
electric start for operator conven­ience in confined areas
as well as for reliable starting during operation in cold
temperatures. Folding central lifting point for quick and
safe loading and unloading. Emergency-stop function at
the end of the control arm (APH 6530 optional).
Triple-shaft exciter system
Jump phase characteristics of twin-shaft system
Jump phase characteristics of triple-shaft system