Page 4 - Ammann APH Series Plate Compactors

This is what the industry is getting excited about
Electric start and an electronic engine monitor are
standard features on model APH 100-20, the electric
starter is optional on models APH 5030 and APH 6530:
Robust and low maintenance battery with enhan-
ced asset-reservoir and integrated carrying handles.
The battery is bedded into a newly develop­ed, vi-
bration resistant, suspension system (APH 100-20 only).
An electronic shut off system protects the engine
via solenoid, in case the engine’s oil level reaches
Engine can not be restarted unintentionally when
All electric functions are cut off after two minutes,
when the engine has been switched off via throttle
and without turning the ignition off (model APH
In case of low battery power, when it becomes ne-
cessary to start the engine manually with the pro-
vided crank, the electronic recognizes the manu-
alstart and allows battery to re-load, provided the
ignition switch is set in the ”On“ position (model
APH 100-20 only)
The APH 5030, APH 6530 and
APH 100-20 with unique
triple-shaft exciter
Effortless manual start with
safety crank
Precision servo operating
convenience and Emergency
Stop switch as standard
APH 6530:
optional equiment)
Fully hydraulic drive with
powerful, Hatz diesel engine
Folding, single lifting point
Reliable, vibration resistant
and service friendly battery
Electric start
Oil alert system
no unintentional engine re-start
automatic engine cut-off in case
of longer engine switch-off (wi-
thout ignition turn-off) prevents
discharge of battery (model APH