Page 5 - Ammann APH Series Plate Compactors

Universal application with the highest level of safety
Dead Man’s Handle as an Option
Dead man's handle with electronic sensors (option)
Under certain circumstances – for example on confined
sites – additional safety is needed when using heavy-
duty vibrating plates.
The solution:
Special handles with electronic sensors in the guide
handle register the touch of the operator and activate
the hydraulics and exciter system, so that the machine
is ready to use, provided the electric emergency button
has been pulled out.
The electric emergency button and the control electro-
nics of the dead man’s handle are connected in series so
that the hydraulics are immediately deactivated and the
machine stopps after a few centimetres when the emer-
gency button is pressed or the handles are released, the
engine remains in idle drive.
These are the corresponding advantages:
The handles are highly sensitive – already the ligh-
test touch of a finger suffices – the use of work glo-
ves als does not pose a problem
No levers etc. need to be operated
Manipulation is virtually impossible: wrapping with
wire etc. has no effect
The work of the operator is not restricted and tire-
some restarting of the engine is also unnecessary
Sensor handles have already proven their efficiency
in the area of agriculture