Page 6 - Ammann APH Series Plate Compactors

Ammann presents a pioneering development in the
area of pedestrian compaction equipment: in addition
to the tried and tested 3-shaft high performance com-
pactors, the unique advantages of the well-known
Ammann ACE system for optimal compaction control
are now featured on vibrating plates. It is now possi-
ble to display and measure the degree of compaction
and to present the compaction results visually and soil
analyses to be performed simultaneously for quality
control purposes.
Mode of operation
The vibrations generated by the exciter shafts are
detected by sensors on the base plate, which transfer
acceleration data and the relative positions of the
exciters to a site control system. This control system,
which is mounted vibration-isolated and clearly visi-
ble to the user on the handle, controls all operations
based on a patented system and ensures that the
machine continuously operates at maximum perfor-
mance. This is supported by highly efficient compac-
tion performance control with our tested fully hydro-
static system – a standard feature on all heavy-duty
Ammann vibrating plates.
Operating options
The APH 6530-ACE and APH 100-20-ACE offers three
standard operating options that cover the spectrum of
compaction tasks in earthworks. These options can be
selected flexibly as required:
The revolution of Ammann 3-shaft technology – now with ACE
The tried and tested 3-shaft high performance compactor with ACE system –
for optimal continuous compaction control
Relative compaction control ’ACEeco’
Compaction control system
As an alternative to the ACE-system Ammann
offers with the system ’ACEeco’ the correspon-
ding relative compaction control display. Hereby
the operator is continuously informed about
the achieved degree of compaction and the
maximal feasible compaction.
ACEeco’ is available as option on models APH
5030, 6530
and 100-20 (with electric starter