Page 8 - Ammann APH Series Plate Compactors

A hydraulic pump to power drive
and drive control eliminates an
expensive and high-wearing
v-belt system
Optimized shape of abrasion-
resistant, self-cleanig cast iron
base plate ensures balanced
running performance, powerful
drive and high climbeability
Hydrostatic adjustment of the
exciter shafts controlled by the
Orbitrol on the handle bar
Hydrostatic motor drives the
exciter shafts
Air-cooled Hatz or Faryman Die-
sel engine with integrated oil
alert system powerful, service
friendly and low emissions va-
Functional design: the compact
and foldable engine cover offers
optimal protection of compon-
ents and easy accessibility for
Control handle bar: ergonomi-
cally adjustable and lockable,
with Orbitrol providing drive
Emergency stop switch: vibration
can be activated independently
from engine drive
Fully hydraulic and much more
Benefits and advantages at a glance
The unique triple-shaft exciter