Page 5 - Ammann ARX Tandem Rollers

mm off-set of drums
ARX1 - Complete side-free
ARX2-4 - drum offset
Combination Version
Combination Version
The ARX-rollers are also available as combination
rollers ARX16 K, 23K, 26K, 40K and 45K.
The combination model has an in-built anti-adhe-
sive tank with direct pressurised sprinkler system
to the tyres. The control of the anti-adhesive
sprinklers is operated by a separate hand switch.
The standard interval-sprinkler switch allows
optimum water-supply on every asphalt-job.
Side-free Model
The ARX12 - 20 tandem vibrating rollers are
supplied as full flush models with double drive
and double vibration as standard. This feature
enables the drum to compact completely up
against a wall. There is no more additional tuning
work needed with additional compaction equip-
Tandem Version
The ARX-range with 8 models of double-drum
roller in the weight categories 1.5 – 4.5 tonnes
and working widths from 820 – 1380 are designed
for asphalt- and soil compaction.
All models have an optimum design with regard to
use and economic efficiency based on three product
categories. A new hydraulic concept coupled with
the latest Yanmar diesel engine technology enable
us to gain a significant increase in efficiency.
It allows the diesel engine to run at a much lower
speed, effectively reducing consumption and noise
A generously designed operator station with
vibration insulation, a simple and clearly laid out
operating panel and the multi-functional drive
lever next to a comfort-seat form a unit that any
driver will welcome for ergonomic reasons and