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Strength and Versatility at 37 km/h

Heavy Duty Axles

Long life with effective heavy duty axles. The transmission is mounted directly on the rear

axle for protection and optimum ground clearance. The front axle offers wide oscillating

and steering angles. The drive shaft offers longer service intervals (1,000 hours).

Advanced Disc Brake System

Minimizes the rocking effect when working free on wheels. The disc brake system

acts directly on the hub instead of the drive shaft to avoid planetary gear backlash.

Fenders (optional)

Fenders provide excellent coverage of all tires, protecting the machine and surroundings

from mud and stones being thrown up.

Joystick Steering

Keep both hands on the joysticks even when simultaneously moving the implements

and repositioning the machine, by the use of the slider switch on the right joystick.

Blade Design

• Optimized design to provide rigidity, stability and ease of maintenance.

• A pro le that allows material to roll better and minimizes material packing.