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Reduces Stress and Vibration

Rock Scraping

Scraping rock and nishing work is easy and fast. SmartBoom simpli es the

task and allows more focus on stick and bucket, while the boom freely goes

up and down without using pump ow.

Hammer Work

The front parts automatically follow the hammer while penetrating the rock.

Blank shots or excessive force on the hammer are avoided resulting in longer

life for the hammer and the machine. Similar advantages with vibratory plate


Truck Loading

Loading trucks from a bench is more productive and fuel ef cient as the

return cycle is reduced while the boom down function does not require

pump ow.

Ride Control

Fast Travel Speed with More Comfort

The ride control system lets you travel faster over rough terrain with improved ride quality for the operator. Accumulators are acting as

shock absorbers to dampen the front part motion. It can be activated through a button located on the soft switch panel in the cab.