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Power Match

Match your Cat hydraulic attachments to your

Cat machine, and get the most out of the standard,

built-in software. Attachment changes have

never been easier!

Get the Most from Your Machine

If you have multiple tasks to get done, the M314F can help. And you can

easily expand all the possibilities it offers by utilizing any of the variety

of Cat attachments.

Change Jobs Quickly

A quick coupler brings the ability to quickly change attachments

and increase your exibility. The quick coupler circuit and lines are

compatible with both Cat dedicated and Pin Grabber Couplers and

do not require any change or addition to the machine.

Dig, Load and Landscape

A wide range of buckets offers solutions for digging, excavating,

trenching, loading and nishing. Ditch Cleaning buckets are suitable for

grading and nishing in landscaping applications or for loading loose

material that is stockpiled, where teeth would damage the surface.

Sort and Handle Material

With increasing environmental regulations, you need ef cient ways to

deal with waste. Save on transportation, manpower and dumping costs

with Cat grapples by sorting debris at source and trucking it separately.

When you need good penetration, you can count on Cat digging grabs.

Build, Compact and Maintain Roads

Whether you do nish grading with leveling buckets, ditch cleaning,

sewer and water, or compaction, the machine in combination with the

appropriate attachment will do the job quickly.

Break and Scrap

When a structure needs to be demolished, it has to be done quickly.

Cat E Series hammers deliver very high blow rates, and shears provide

effective scrap processing. They also have the ability to rotate 360°.