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When Uptime Counts

Convenient Access Built In

You can reach routine maintenance items like fuel and engine oil lters

and uid taps at ground level while fuel and DEF tanks with engine air lter

are accessible from the safety of the slip-resistant new service platform.

Compartments feature wide composite service doors, designed to be more

resistant to shocks, which all include gas struts to facilitate the opening.

Components are now gathered in speci c dedicated compartments, like

the special electrical and cooling compartments.

A Smart Design for Any Temperature

The side-by-side coolers and axial fan design allows greater cooling

performance. The system is completely separated from the engine

compartment to reduce noise and heat and all radiators are gathered

in the same compartment while featuring easy-to-clean cores with a

tilting device that requires no tool to unlock.

A Fresh Idea

Ventilation inside the cab allows outside air to enter through a fresh air lter.

The lter is located on the side of the cab to make it easy to reach, and it is

protected by a lockable door that can be opened with the ignition key.

Lube and Fuel Standard Features

An electric lubrication system is a time-saving standard feature for greasing

the whole upper carriage. Greasing points for the undercarriage are kept

to a minimum and grouped. The new drive shaft extends greasing intervals

from 500 hours to 1,000 hours and allows simultaneous greasing with the

lower axle bearing. An electric refueling pump is also standard. The hose

is stored in a dedicated tray, for more cleanliness. Add in the new electric

lift pump removing the need to prime the system manually, the standard

fuel and water separator and you get a machine that does the fastidious

maintenance works for you.

Keep It Simple.