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M314F Wheeled Excavator Specifications

Hydraulic System

Tank Capacity

89 L


220 L

Maximum Pressure

Implement Circuit


350 bar

Heavy Lift

375 bar

Travel Circuit

350 bar

Auxiliary Circuit

High Pressure

350 bar

Medium Pressure

185 bar

Swing Mechanism

350 bar

Maximum Flow

Implement/Travel Circuit

180 L/min

Auxiliary Circuit

High Pressure

180 L/min

Medium Pressure

50 L/min

Swing Mechanism

78 L/min



10.00-20 (Dual Pneumatic)


10.00-20 (Dual Solid Rubber)


(Dual Pneumatic

– No spacer ring

between tires)

445/70/R19.5 TL XF

(Single Pneumatic)

Dozer Blade

Blade Type



2540 mm

Blade Roll-Over Height

540 mm

Blade Total Height

580 mm

Maximum Lowering Depth

120 mm

from Ground

Maximum Raising Height

470 mm

above Ground

Emissions and Safety

Engine Emissions

Stage IV

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Must meet ISO 22241

Fluids (optional)

Cat Bio HYDO Advanced

Readily biodegradable EU

Flower eco-label certi ed

Biodiesel up to B20

Meets EN 14214 or

ASTM D6751 with EN590

or ASTM D975 Standard

Mineral diesel fuels

Vibration Levels

Maximum Hand/Arm

ISO 5349:2001

<2.5 m/s²

Maximum Whole Body

ISO/TR 25398:2006

<0.5 m/s²

Seat Transmissibility Factor

ISO 7096:2000-spectral class EM5 <0.7



ROPS (Rollover Protective

Structure) offered by

Caterpillar meets ROPS

criteria ISO 12117-2:2008

Operator Protective Structure:

top/front guards

FOPS (Falling Object

Protective Structure)

meets FOPS criteria

ISO 10262:1998 and

SAE J1356:2008

Cab/Sound Levels

Meets appropriate

standards as listed below

Sound Performance

Operator Sound


Spectator Sound

71 dB(A)


101 dB(A)

• Operator Sound – The operator sound level is measured according

to the procedures speci ed in 2000/14/EC, for a cab offered by

Caterpillar, when properly installed and maintained and tested

with the door and windows closed.

• Exterior Sound – The labeled spectator sound power level is

measured according to the test procedures and conditions speci ed

in 2000/14/EC.

• Hearing protection may be needed when operating with an open

operator station and cab (when not properly maintained for doors/

windows open) for extended periods or in noisy environment(s).