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Premium Comfort

Keeps Operators Productive All Shift Long

Legacy from the Renowned Cat Wheeled Excavators

Designed for the operator, our cabs are unique.

Ergonomic Layout

• Frequently used switches are centralized, kept to the minimum and ideally located

close to the joysticks.

• Storage compartments are useful... when well designed. Several areas provide

suf cient room to store a hard hat, a drink, phone, or keys.

Comfortable Seat Options

Our seats provide all the comfort needed for a long day of work, including FULL

adjustment. All seats are heated and air suspended. Automatic weight adjustment

and ventilated seats are available.

Safety Is Not Optional

ROPS cab, compatible with FOPS, seat belt alarm, safety bar, sideview camera …

among others.

Details That Make the Difference

Have a look at the cab; you will see it is through details that we improve pleasure

of operating.

Smart Controls to Reduce Fatigue

• Features like ride control, SmartBoom or Joystick Steering will be precious

to increase your productivity.

• New technologies that work transparently like the swing and auto travel lock or

the automatic brake and axle lock, reduce the number of tasks you need to do.

Plug, Charge and Play Your Devices

• The 12V 10A power supply socket is conveniently located for charging your laptop,

or a tablet.

• A CD/MP3 Radio with speakers and USB port is available.