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The Next Generation

Easier Than Ever

Make the Move to the Next Generation

Re nements. From the whole design to the smallest details.

Convenient features, new advanced and transparent

technologies, not only to reduce emissions but to further

improve your daily experience when working with our products.

Cruise Control – Focus on the Road, Not on Your Foot

No need to press the pedal all the time.

• Choose the very speed you wish

• Press the quick access button on the monitor

• Enjoy the ride

It’s as Easy as That.

NEW! Trailer-Ready Package

– Hitch-Up Your Trailer and Go

How to be more autonomous

than ever while increasing your


Our trailer-ready package includes

all the necessary electrical and

hydraulic systems, even for trailers

equipped with a tailgate and

dumping devices.

Moving your tools, and fuel

along with you to each job

site or material directly on

site has never been easier!