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Smart Technologies

Swing and Auto Travel Lock: Press, Go and Relax

No need for the operator to bend to engage the swing lock pin.

• Just press a button,

• Align the upper to the lower frame,

• Enjoy the ride: a green indicator con rms the swing and the implements have

been automatically locked.

• NEW! The swing lock can be applied independently from the implements lock

at low speed (below 5 km/h)

It’s as Easy as That.

Integrated Pin Code – Switch Off and Relax

No need to buy an optional security system to protect your equipment against theft.

• The pin code is integrated into the monitor (standard)

• Entering the right code allows the engine to start

The Machine Security System (MSS – optional) adds even more protection

when needed.

It’s as Easy as That.

Dig and Go

Auto Axle Lock

Presses the pedal

for you, reducing the

number of actions

you need to do

The machine automatically detects when

the service brake and axle need to be

locked (like when digging), or unlocked

(roading), hence removing the need for

the operator to systematically press

the pedal.

Brake and axle are released automatically

by pressing the travel pedal again.