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Zooming in on Doosan ADTs – Driveline


Doosan ADT Driveline Competitors’ Driveline Significantly reduced tyre wear

The single driveline requires the use of only one longitudinal differential lock to have an optimal power split of 50% to the front and 50% to the rear drive train. Combined with the use of only 2 state-of-the-art limited slip differentials, Doosan ADTs will always deliver best-in-class traction. One easy-to-lock differential is used in the rear, ensuring the best drive comfort. By contrast, our competitors use 2 rear differentials connected by an interaxle drive-through system which is subject to damage from the outside, loss of power and premature wear.

Limited slip differential

Free-swinging tandem bogie

The unique tandem drive ensures maximum productivity and allows easy loading of the truck in almost all positions and applications. Our competitors use rigid axles which cause movement on the centre or rear axle, resulting in loss of traction and driver discomfort.

Continuous contact with the ground

The tandem bogie enables the wheels to be in continuous contact with the ground for better tractive effort, stability and safety. As there is only one differential, the driveline is more efficient with less loss of power and reduced wear of parts.

Front wheel suspension

The unique independent front suspension allows free movement of one side, ensuring maximum contact with the ground and excellent shock absorption.



Wet disc brake on all 6 wheels

The oil-cooled wet disc brakes on the DA40 provide high braking performance and excellent durability.

Dry disc brakes are open and exposed to dirt and water. Wet brakes are not affected by these conditions because they are fully encased in oil. With less servicing intervals, wet disc brakes last longer and are especially advantageous in very adverse conditions such as in deep mud and water.

The air-cooled disc brakes on the DA30 do not require forced cooling like most competitors.


Unique Doosan ADT design – Front-mounted differential

Since the differential is mounted directly on the transmission, the total length of the truck is reduced. This design results in better weight distribution and a smaller turning circle, an important advantage in confined areas.

EP400 transmission range

The latest ZF transmission is designed specifically for Doosan ADTs.

Page 15 - brochures

This is a SEO version of brochures. Click here to view full version

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