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Fast Mast


The Genie Fast Mast system

allows you to lower the platform

to the ground without having to

lower the secondary boom —

so operators can ascend and

descend quickly and efficiently.

In addition, this timesaving

design raises both primary

and secondary booms

simultaneously to help the

operator reach full elevation

fast and increase productivity.

Quick, Flexible Positioning

Both models have 360˚ continuous

rotation turntables for fast, easy

positioning. The platform also

hydraulically rotates a full 160˚ and

stays level throughout the entire

range of motion. Choose 6- or 8-ft

(1.83 or 2.44 m) front-entry

platforms with 500 to 600 lbs (227

to 272 kg) of capacity for operators

and tools.

Outstanding Reach and Up-and-Over Clearance

The Jib-Extend

telescoping jib on the ZX

-135/70 model extends from

12 to 20 ft (3.66 to 6.10 m) and provides a 110˚ vertical range of motion

to reach “up, over and in” applications inaccessible by a traditional jib.

The Z

-80/60 model has an innovative reverse-articulating secondary

boom for 29 ft (8.83 m) of up and over reach with zero front arm swing.

La r ge Se l f -P rope l l ed A r t i cu l a t i ng Boom L i f t s |

Eng i ne -Powe red

Rough Ter rain Models Avai lable

Z-80/60 ZX-135/70