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The TZ

-50 lift goes where you need it with a variety of hitch coupler

options for easy towing behind a pickup or SUV — and heavy-duty

jockey wheels for precise positioning during setup. The optional Drive

and Set

feature allows you to drive the TZ-50 lift to where you need

to work.

Designed For


From transport and setup to

operation and service, the TZ-50

lift keeps it simple, including

easy access to batteries. Simply

release the clamp and remove

the cover.

Simple Leveling and


Our patent-pending

Automatic Leveling System

allows the operator to hydraulically

deploy the outriggers and level the

machine to one degree in all

directions. Plus, easy-to-use

pictographs on both ground and

platform controls offer simple,

intuitive operation.

Flexible Working Range

Along with the primary jib boom, the articulating jib boom provides an

additional 4 ft 1 in (1.25 m) of horizontal reach and 135° of working

range to position the platform above or below horizontal.

Tr a i l e r-Moun t ed Z -Boom L i f t s |

TZ - 50