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Reliable Electric Drive Systems

Several models feature a 48V DC electric

drive system, which can be freely used in

areas where quiet, emission-free operation

is important. The Z™-40/23N models are

the first in the industry to feature an AC

drive system, which combines DC batteries

with 3-phase AC drive motors for quiet,

more energy efficient operation and longer

battery life. This advanced system yields

better drive speed and gradeability, and the

drive wheels work independently for

excellent traction control.

Se l f -P rope l l ed A r t i cu l a t i ng Boom L i f t s |

E l ec t r i c

Nar row Models Avai lable

Z-30/20N Z-30/20N RJ Z-34/22N Z-40/23N Z-40/23N RJ

Tight Access Maneuverability

The electric boom line includes a variety

of narrow models ideal for the tight and

confined work areas. These compact

designs feature a tight turning radius

with zero tailswing on most models for

easy maneuvering through narrow

aisles and standard doors.

Precise Positioning

The self-leveling platform rotates 90° to

either side, while the jib boom moves

130° to 139° vertically, depending on

the model. The 4 ft (1.22 m) jib moves

horizontally 180° on rotating jib (RJ)

models for extra working range.

Proportional controls allow you to

control the speed of each function and

make smooth, precise adjustments in

tight areas.