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Access and Maneuverability

These models offer ideal up and over reach in confined work

spaces. Zero tailswing means there’s no need to reposition the lift

when rotating the turntable in crowded areas. And the compact

size suits applications where a lower machine weight is needed.

Our efficient DC machines offer quiet, emission-free

operation in the most sensitive work environments.

For industrial applications where the machine must

be driven significant distances, the Genie



bi-energy system combines the benefits of a 48V DC

machine with the versatility of a diesel-powered

generator. These units handle challenging jobs all

day long, giving you the power to get where you

need to go quickly and easily with soft-riding

pneumatic tires, excellent maneuverability and zero

tailswing. Optional non-marking air- and foam-filled

tires also make these models great for industrial

applications. Working heights range from 40 ft 6 in

(12.52 m) to 51 ft 9 in (15.94 m).

Multiple power options meet the demands of a

variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

DC Power Options for

Demanding Jobs