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Power When You Need It

Lift, maneuver and travel all day with the

hybrid, bi-energy model. The on-board

diesel-powered generator acts like a 100

amp battery charger to provide enough

electrical power to operate all boom

functions, even when the batteries are

fully discharged.

On-Board Battery Charging

The direct electric, 48V drive system provides

outstanding battery life between charges. For

overnight recharging, the on-board 30 amp

universal smart charger automatically adjusts to

the input AC voltage and frequency and shuts

down when the battery pack is fully charged.

Precise Positioning and Control

The self-leveling platform rotates 90° to

either side on non-jib models. On jib

models, the jib moves 135° to 139°

vertically, depending on the model, and

rotates 90° to either side. Proportional lift

and drive controls allow you to determine

the speed of each function and make

smooth, precise movements to position

yourself exactly where you need to work.

Se l f -P rope l l ed A r t i cu l a t i ng Boom L i f t s |

E l ec t r i c

DC Models avai lable

Z-33/18 DC Z-34/22 DC Z-34/22 BE Z-45/25 DC Z-45/25 BE Z-45/25J DC Z-45/25J BE