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Excavation, Removal or CrushingWorks…

ALPHA Series excavator group provided and designed for tough

geographical and heavy working conditions increases the

productivity with its solid construction and optional efficient

hydraulic system that provides maximum breakout force even in

the low rpms and that has maximum 163 lt. /min oil flow.

Rear joysticks that are optional in ALPHA models allow for easy

control in the works such as lifting and lowering that require

precision for operators. Joystick consoles that may be adjusted

independently from each other provide ergonomic working


Long hours of excavation works become pleasure with

ALPHA Series that has wide visibility and ergonomic working


ALPHA Series that has excellent weight distribution and wide

stabilizers provides safer excavation opportunity in sloppy lands.

Additional hydraulic line that is maintained as standard kit for

hydraulic braker and attachment use does not prevent visibility

during excavation and is not damaged in deep excavations.

Cushioning system in the excavation cylinder softens the

movements at the ends of strokes, absorbs the impacts and

prolongs the machine life.

Telescopic arm that has digging depth up to 5.80 m. provides an

advantage in deep excavations and the works that require long


What can be more enjoyable than a work running without any problem?