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In our ALPHA Series machines developed with our engineering experience of 36 years,

multidirectional safety precautions have been taken.


Windows that provide wide visibility angle and working lights,

4 in front and 4 on behind, provide that the operator see outer

environment as comfortable as possible while working.

For follow-up of data in relation with machine during drive

without being distracted, there is LCD information screen on the

front console.

The operator cabin has FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure)

and ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) certificates.

Safety belt integrated to the seat protects the position of operator

on sloppy lands or during sudden moves and prevents him from

losing handling.

Inmaintenance and access to the engine, safety has been provided

with the boom lock integrated to the loader arm cylinder.

While the machine is in the stable operating position,

possible accidents have been prevented with security valves

on stabilizers (optional).

Standard headlight provides that the machine is easily realized in

traffic and worksite by the other vehicles.

Details such as wide side steps that have a special surface

preventing sliding and large cabin entrance have been thought

for safety of the operator.

Mechanical-driven excavator boom-lock offers safe drive by

providing stabilization of rear boom while driving.


Accumulator used in the braking system prevents braking pedal

from hardening even in the extraordinary situations such as

there is no hydraulic support or sudden stopping of engine and

provides that the machine safely stops with a little pedal force as

if the machine is working.