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Front hood and side covers have been designed to minimize the time losses in maintenances and

services offer multidirectional accessibility.

One of the most important characteristics of ALPHA Series that

makes it more superior than its competitors is that hydraulic hoses

are neat and their access is easy. This characteristic shortens the

service periods and increases the working periods of machines.

The front grill can easily be opened with a key for access to

accumulator and radiator group. This characteristic shortens the

daily routine maintenance periods.

All of maintenance and service points have been situated to the

places that are easy-to-access and also they are at the point where

they can easily be reached from the ground level.

Owing to the sectional structure of main control valve, in case of

damage, only the damaged part is changed and thus reduces the

maintenence costs (optional).

Hydraulic hose lines are protected from being damaged by not

being exposed while at work.

Fuse panel has been situated in a way that the operator can easily

reach it for maintenance and serviceability.