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The highest traction force is provided with LSD (limited slip differential) acting on front axle and

differential lock on rear axle to prevent skidding on stone gravel, mud or icy surfaces. Thus, period of

tire replacement, work cycle and fuel efficiency have been improved.

As an optional equipment, flow charging valves with extra regeneration feature applied on the boom

and arm lines provide more efficient hydraulic power and prevent cavitation.

The optional piston type hydraulic pump provides load sensitive hydraulic power as much as the

operator needs with precise control independently from the amount of the load and engine rpm. It

works with efficiency up to %95.

The optional FLOWSHARING valves provides excellent hydraulic control independently from the

amount of the load and operator’s skills for various field works such as pipe lying and channel


It allows simultaneous boom, arm and bucket motions even in the low rpms and provides the

opportunity of working in noise restricted areas such as hospital, school and city center.

LSD: Limited-Slip Differential and

Differential Lock

Flow Charging Valves

Load Sensitive PistonType Hydraulic

Pump / Flowshare


The optional MSS (Motion Stabilizer System) works as a shock absorber on the loader lift cylinders.

By damping the shock that occurs when a full loader bucket is used on rough terrain, it provides a

comfortable ride that is not only smooth but also fast as well.

6-forward 3-reverse fully automatic transmission used in the ALPHA Series allows smooth driving.

The optional torque convertor lock (lock-up) provides fuel economy which is automatically engaged

in the 5th and 6th gear.

Heavy-Duty Type Axles have been used in the ALPHA Series in scope of both load carriage and durability.

MSS (Motion Stabilizer System)

The ALPHA Series engine is one of the most economical and durable in its class. The turbocharged,

4.400 cm³ engine maintains high torque even at low rpms.


Heavy-Duty Type Axles

6-Forward 3-Reverse

Fully-Automatic Transmission