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STANDARD EQUIPMENT Standard equipment may vary by country, so please consult your HITACHI dealer for details.


• H/P mode control • E mode control • 50 A alternator

• Dry-type air flter with evacuator valve (with air flter restriction indicator)

• Cartridge-type engine oil flter • Cartridge-type fuel double flters • Air cleaner double flters • Radiator, oil cooler and intercooler with dust protective net • Radiator reserve tank • Fan guard

• Isolation-mounted engine • Auto idle system • Fuel cooler

• Electrical fuel feed pump • Engine oil drain coupler


• Work mode selector • Power boost • Auto power lift

• Control valve with main relief valve • Extra port for control valve • Suction flter • Full-fow flter • Pilot flter

• Swing dampener valve


• CRES II (Center pillar reinforced structure) cab

• OPG top guard ftted Level I (ISO10262) compliant cab • All-weather sound suppressed steel cab

• Equipped with reinforced, tinted (green color) glass windows • 4 fuid-flled elastic mounts • Front windows on upper, lower and left side can be opened • Intermittent windshield wipers • Front window washer • Adjustable reclining seat with adjustable armrests • Footrest

• Electric double horn • AM-FM radio with digital clock • Seat belt • Drink holder • Cigarette lighter • Ashtray • Storage box • Glove compartment • Fire extinguisher bracket • Floor mat

• Short wrist control levers • Pilot control shut-off lever • Engine stop knob • Auto control air conditioner • Transparent roof with roll curtain • Mechanical suspension seat with heater


• Display of meters: water temperature, hour, fuel rate, clock • Other displays: work mode, auto-idle, glow, rearview monitor, operating conditions, etc • Alarms: overheat, engine warning, engine oil pressure, alternator, minimum fuel level, hydraulic flter restriction, air flter restriction, work mode, overload, etc

• Alarm buzzers: overheat, engine oil pressure, overload


• 2 working lights


• Undercover

• 6 100 kg counterweight • Fuel level foat

• Electric fuel reflling pump with auto stop • Rearview camera • 150 Ah batteries • Hydraulic oil level gauge • Tool box • Utility space

• Rearview mirror (right & left side) • Swing parking brake


• Travel parking brake • Travel motor covers • 1 track guard (each side) and hydraulic track adjuster • Bolt-on sprocket • Upper and lower rollers

• Reinforced track links with pin seals • 4 tie down hooks


• HN bushing

• WC (tungsten-carbide) thermal spraying

• Reinforced resin thrust plate • Flanged pin • Casted bucket link A • Centralized lubrication system • Dirt seal on all bucket pins


• Standard tool kit • Lockable machine covers • Lockable fuel reflling cap • Skid-resistant tapes, plates and handrails

• Travel direction mark on track frame • Onboard information controller

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Page 26 - brochures

This is a SEO version of brochures. Click here to view full version

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