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Standard and optional equipment may vary by country, so please consult your Hitachi dealer for details.

.......... Standard equipment .......... Optional equipment


Bolt-on sprocket

Reinforced track links with pin seals Travel motor covers Travel parking brake Track undercover Upper and lower rollers 1 track guard (each side) and hydraulic track adjuster 4 tie down hooks 3 track guards

600 mm triple grouser shoes


Casted bucket link A Centralized lubrication system Dirt seal on all bucket pins Flanged pin HN bushing

Reinforced resin thrust plate WC (tungsten-carbide) thermal spraying


Attachment basic piping Additional pump (50 L/min) Breaker and crusher piping HSB Parts for breaker and crusher Pilot accumulator

Welded bucket link A with welded hook

Accessories for 2 speed selector Assist piping


Lockable fuel reflling cap Lockable machine covers Onboard information controller Skid-resistant tapes, plates and handrails Standard tool kit

Travel direction mark on track frame


Air cleaner double flters Auto idle system Auto shut-down control Cartridge-type engine oil flter Fuel pre-flter Fuel main flter Dust-proof indoor net

Dry-type air flter with evacuator valve (with air flter restriction indicator) Electrical fuel feed pump ECO/PWR mode control Engine oil drain coupler Fan guard Fuel cooler Fuel recirculation flter High performance water separator Isolation-mounted engine Muffer flter

Radiator, oil cooler and intercooler Radiator reserve tank 50 A alternator


Auto power lift

Control valve with main relief valve Full-fow flter High mesh full fow flter with restriction indicator Hose rupture valve Pilot flter Power boost Suction flter Swing dampener valve Two extra port for control valve Variable reliefvalve for two extra port Work mode selector


Auxiliary function lever (Breaker assist) All-weather sound suppressed steel cab AM-FM radio Ashtray

Auto control air conditioner AUX. terminal and storage CRES V (Center pillar reinforced structure) cab

Drink holder with hot & cool function Electric double horn Engine shut-off switch Equipped with reinforced, tinted (green color) glass windows Evacuation hammer Fire extinguisher bracket Floor mat Footrest Front window washer

Windows on front, upper, lower and left side can be opened Glove compartment Hot & cool box

Intermittent windshield wipers Key cylinder light

Laminated round glass window LED room light with door courtesy OPG front guard Level II (ISO10262) compliant cab OPG top guard ftted Level II (ISO10262) compliant cab Pilot control shut-off lever Rain guard Rear tray Retractable seat belt

ROPS (ISO12117-2) compliant cab Rubber radio antenna

Seat : air suspension seat with heater Seat adjustment part : backrest, armrest, height and angle, slide forward / back Short wrist control levers Sun visor (front window/side window) Transparent roof with slide curtain 2 speakers

4 fuid-flled elastic mounts 12 V power outlet 24 V cigarette lighter


Alarm buzzers:

overheat, engine oil pressure, overload Alarms:

overheat, engine warning, engine oil pressure, alternator, minimum fuel level, hydraulic flter restriction, air flter restriction, work mode, overload, etc

Display of meters:

water temperature, hour, fuel rate, clock Other displays:

work mode, auto-idle, glow, rearview monitor, operating conditions, etc 32 languages selection


Additional cab roof front lights Additional cab roof rear lights Additional boom light with cover Rotating lamp 2 working lights


Electric fuel reflling pump with auto stop and flter Fuel level foat Hydraulic oil level gauge Rear view camera

Rear view mirror (right & left side) Swing parking brake Tool box Undercover Utility space 6 200 kg counterweight 2 x 88 Ah batteries

Page 23 - Hitachi_ZX290

This is a SEO version of Hitachi_ZX290. Click here to view full version

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