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Key features

The comfort of the cab exceeds expectations

rom the comfort of the cab

’s essential for you to feel comfortable while you work, especially if ou are operating an excavator for lengthy periods of time in a quarry r large-scale construction site. Hitachi has reviewed the ergonomic esign of its ZAXIS excavator cab to ensure that you can complete our shift with ease and enjoy the rest of your day.

he fully adjustable air-suspension seat absorbs vibrations and helps o minimise operator fatigue. Its new sliding mechanism means that can be moved back further than ever before. More leg room is also vailable as the space underneath the monitor has been expanded.

Enhanced visibility

ealthy and safety are of paramount importance in busy quarries and onstruction sites. With the latest innovations from Hitachi, the new AXIS offers enhanced visibility, particularly on the right-hand side f the machine, to help you avoid any unnecessary damage, and timately save you time and money.

he monitor and door have been repositioned, which improves your ew and provides easier access to the cab. The excavator is also quipped with the latest rear-view camera, giving you a broader visual ange.

User-friendly functionality

The advanced technology that is incorporated within the new ZAXIS is one of its many advantages. The ergonomic controls and the easy to view colour monitor place the power firmly in your hands. The new multi-function LCD monitor with a seven-inch screen displays a comprehensive range of useful technical information. It allows you to check the machine’s status and settings at a glance and has multi-lingual support in up to 32 languages.

For easy operation, the monitor and ergonomically designed switches have been repositioned and are both conveniently located on the right-hand side of the cab.

Enjoy your work

By creating a relaxed and pleasant workspace, our aim was to make your day in the cab of the new ZAXIS more enjoyable and therefore more satisfying.

If you enjoy listening to the radio as you work, you will find that the controls for the AM/FM stereo radio are now fully adjustable from the colour monitor. Alternatively, if you wish to plug in an MP3 player, an auxiliary socket has also been added to the sound system, so that you can work smoothly and efficiently to your favourite music.

■■ High-spec ROPS pressurised cab

■■ Enhanced visibility

■■ New colour LCD monitor

■■ Easily accessible real-time information

■■ Expansive leg room

■■ Ergonomically designed control panel

Page 9 - Hitachi_ZX470

This is a SEO version of Hitachi_ZX470. Click here to view full version

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