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All the attachments you need

The JS220’s outstanding power, precision control and dipper range make it perfect for a number of environments, from extracting trench boxes to removing sheet piling. For each job, the right tool is needed, and JCB offers a wide range of easily changeable attachments, with different bucket types, hammers, crushers and more.

Dualock quickhitch

The JCB Dualock quickhitch is double locking with independent systems for front and rear pins. It uses the proven blocking bar system plus the added feature that the front lock is visible from the cab.


All JCB buckets are designed for maximum performance and durability:

Heavy-duty buckets

Additional weld-in Esco sidecutters assist br force, protecting the bucket shell and exten bucket life. Side shrouds and a double-skinn shell provide additional protection and side plate reinforcements increase strength and rigidity.

Please note. Some products are not available in all territories due to regional restrictions.

Scoop buckets

100% fill factor design for higher product and class-leading tear out force from the profile design and sunken pins, with no interference with boom or cab. Choose from general purpose, heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty.

Grading buckets

Side reinforcement plates offer additional strength and rigidity while drainage holes reduce weight during operation.


Every JCB hammer boasts: a long piston stroke for increased breaking performance; auto-stop function to eliminate damage to the breaker from idle blows; energy recovery for enhanced performance; JCB autogrease fitted as standard; and durable housing incorporating heavy-duty rock claw.


Available with universal or steel shear jaws, the JCB multiprocessor features hydraulic speed valves to reduce cycle times and ram guards to protect piston rods. The twin-ram, single-jaw pivot design eliminates displacement forces and 360º hydraulic rotation is achieved with break back protection.

Selector grabs A complete range of seven separa models to mount on both mid-ran and heavy-line excavators within the 6-46 tonne range. The new line-up of sorting and demolition grabs provide the perfect solution for jobs involving selection and handling duties. Common applications include

industries such as demolition, recycling and any job requiring the handling of waste materials.


JCB crusher buckets are a cost effective solution to reducing brick, concrete or rock to hardcore size, and are ideal for on-site recycling of demolition material.

ROCK WHEEL JCB Rockwheels provide the perfect excavation solution where accurate, low noise and low vibration cutting of sedimentary rock, concrete and asphalt is required. They also are effective on permafrost.

Page 18 - brochures

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