Komatsu D155AX-8 Dozer - page 11

Maintenance Records
Machine monitor stores and
displays maintenance records
including scheduled service
interval and remaining service
Easy Radiator Cleaning
The radiator can be cleaned by utilization
of the reversible, hydraulically driven
cooling fan. The fan can be reversed
from inside the cab by simply activating
via the monitor to reverse. Hinged double
doors open wide for access to radiator.
Oil Pressure Checking Ports
Pressure checking ports for power train components are
centralized to promote quick and simple diagnosis.
Concentrated Engine Check Points
The opening area is large when the gull-wing engine side
covers are opened, facilitating engine daily checks and
maintenance. Side covers have been changed to a thick
one-piece structure with a bolt-on latch to improve durability.
DEF Tank
A large tank volume extends
operating time before refilling
and is installed at the operator
cab left platform for ease of
DT-Type Connectors
Sealed DT-type electrical
connectors provide high reliability, water and dust resistance.
Flat Face O-ring Seals
Flat face O-ring seals are used to securely seal all hydraulic
hose connections and to help prevent oil leakage.
Wide Core Cooling System
In addition to improved engine compartment sealing, a wide
core cooling system is standard. Radiator, oil cooler and
charge air cooler use large square-wave fins spaced at 6 fins
per inch. This allows more
material to pass through,
which helps self-cleaning and
reduces maintenance.
Battery Disconnect Switch
A standard battery disconnect
switch allows a technician to
disconnect the power supply
before servicing the machine.
Waterproof seal
Waterproof seal
Waterproof seal
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