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HM400 Performance Features

Low fuel consumption

The fuel consumption for the HM400-3 has been lowered through energy saving improvements in the transmission, axles and advanced electronic engine control. All combined the HM400-3 realizes up to 14% better fuel economy in the feld compared to the HM400-2.

Fuel consumption 14%


*Compared with the HM400-2 fuel consumption. Varies depending on job conditions.

Komatsu Traction Control System (KTCS)

The new KTCS system was developed by Komatsu to allow for maximum machine performance in soft ground conditions. Komatsu leveraged its prior experience with traction control systems in bulldozers and rigid trucks to develop this system for use in articulated trucks. When operating in soft ground conditions, if the machine detects a rapid slowdown in movement it will check to see that the front and middles axle shafts are rotating at the same speed. If they are not then automatically it will engage the inter axle differential lock to improve machine performance. If the machine then detects wheel slip it will employ the KTCS. The KTCS system monitors the wheel speed on the front and middle axles and begins to control the wheel speed that slip was detected on. KTCS continually monitors the wheel speed during operation to provide optimal machine performance in soft ground conditions.

KTCS is automatically engaged and disengaged. This allows the operator to concentrate on operating the HM300-3 and not worry about using switches or buttons to get maximum machine performance.




Current differential unit

Travel ability on soft ground


Differential lock

Free differential

Selectable Working Modes

The operator can choose between two working modes, Economy Mode or Power Mode, according to their work demand and conditions.

Economy mode

Appropriate for lighter work on fat ground. The economy modes lowers the engine maximum output along with lowering the upshift and downshift points during operation.

Power mode

Appropriate for higher production jobs and uphill hauling applications. The power mode increases the engine maximum output and raises the upshift and downshift points during operation.

Komatsu designed electronically controlled countershaft transmission

The Komatsu designed electronically controlled transmission called K-ATOMiCS has been a success in Komatsu’s rigid dump trucks. The electronic clutch modulation system ensures proper clutch pressure when the clutch is engaged. The total control system controls both the engine and transmission by monitoring the vehicle conditions. This high technology system assures smooth shifts without shock and maximizes power train life.

Increased body capacity and box section frame structure

The loading capacity is increased from 27.3 to 40 metric tons 40 to 44.1 U.S. tons through increased body heaped capacity to 24 m 3 34.1 yd 3 . The low loading height of 3169 mm 10'5" enables easy loading. The body is built of high strength wear-resistant steel with a Brinell hardness of 400 and the body shapes provides excellent load stability.

Page 6 - brochures

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