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PC390LC Performance Features

Effcient Hydraulic System

The PC390LC-10 uses a Closed Center Load Sensing (CLSS) hydraulic system that improves fuel effciency and provides quick response to the operator's demands. The PC390LC-10 also introduces new technology to enhance the engine and hydraulic pump control. This total control system matches the engine and hydraulics at the most effcient point under any load condition. There have also been improvements in the main valve and hydraulic circuit to reduce hydraulic loss, resulting in higher effciency and lower fuel consumption.

Two Boom Mode Settings

Smooth boom mode provides easy operation for gathering blasted rock or when scraping down. Power boom mode maximizes digging force for more effective excavating.

Large Undercarriage Design

The PC390LC-10 uses a large undercarriage design that increases overside lift capacity by up to 20% and improves lateral stability, especially for applications that require long arms or heavy attachments.

Large Maximum Drawbar Pull

Large maximum drawbar pull provides excellent steering and slope climbing performance (13.3% up over the PC360LC-10)

Maximum Drawbar Pull 329 kN 33510 kgf 73,880 lb

Eco-Gauge Assists with Energy Saving Operations

The Eco-gauge and new fuel consumption gauge are viewed on the right side of the color monitor and assist the operator in maintaining low fuel consumption and environment friendly operation.

Smooth mode Power mode

Reduced Up To 10%

Fuel consumption

vs PC350HD-8

Based on typical work pattern collected via KOMTRAX

Working Mode

Application Advantage

P Power mode

•Maximum production/power •Fast cycle times


Economy mode

•Good cycle times •Better fuel economy

L Lifting mode •Increases hydraulic pressure

B Breaker mode

•Optimum engine rpm, hydraulic flow


Attachment Power mode

•Optimum engine rpm, hydraulic flow, 2-way •Power mode


Attachment Economy mode

•Optimum engine rpm, hydraulic flow, 2-way •Economy mode





Work priorty

P mode

Fuel priorty

E mode

L mode

B mode

Work priorty

ATT/P mode

Fuel priorty

ATT/E mode

Fuel consumption gauge

Working Mode Selection

The PC390LC-10 excavator is equipped with six working modes (P, E, L, B, ATT/P and ATT/E). Each mode is designed to match engine speed, pump fow, and system pressure to the application. The PC390LC-10 features a new mode (ATT/E) which allows operators to run attachments while in Economy mode.

Boom foats upward, reducing lifting of the machine. This improves comfort while gathering blasted rock and scraping down.

Boom pushing force is increased, ditch digging and box digging operation on hard ground are improved.

Page 6 - brochures

This is a SEO version of brochures. Click here to view full version

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