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Highest Safety Standards

Safe SpaceCab™

The new cab is ROPS compliant

with ISO 12117-2:2008. It has a tu-

bular steel frame and provides very

high shock absorbency, impact

resistance and durability. The seat

belt is designed to keep the opera-

tor in the safety zone of the cab in

the event of a roll-over. Optionally

it can be fitted with an ISO 10262

Level 2 Falling Object Protective

System (FOPS) with openable front


Rear view camera

A standard fitment camera gives

an exceptionally clear view of the

rear work zone on the wide-screen

monitor panel. The low profile

camera is adjustable and integrated

into the counterweight’s shape.

On request, another camera can

be added to the right side of the


Optimal job site safety

Safety features on the Komatsu

PC490-10 comply with the latest

industry standards and work

together as a system to minimise

risks to personnel in and around the

machine. An audible travel alarm

further promotes job site safety.

Highly durable anti-slip plates –

with additional high friction cover-

ing – maintain long term traction


Safe and easy maintenance

Thermal guards are placed around

high temperature parts of the

engine. The fan belt and pulleys

are well protected and in case of

damage, fire risk is reduced by a

pump/engine partition that prevents

hydraulic oil from spraying onto the

engine. The engine hood is hinged

to the rear, with anti-slip plates

positioned around the engine bay

to ensure safe and easy access

from all sides. Exceptionally sturdy

handrails further contribute to a

high safety level.

Low profile rear view camera

Safe SpaceCab™

Large handrails