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Quality You Can Rely On

Extensive dealer support


The extensive Komatsu distribution

and dealer network is standing by

to help keep your fleet in optimum

condition. Customised servic-

ing packages are available, with

express availability of spare parts,

to make sure that your Komatsu will

continue to perform at its peak.

Komatsu-quality components

With the latest computer design

techniques and a thorough test pro-

gramme, Komatsu’s global know-

how produces machines that are

designed, manufactured and tested

to meet your highest standards.

Rugged design

Maximum toughness and durabil-

ity – along with top class customer

service – are the cornerstones of

Komatsu’s philosophy. Single piece

plates and castings are used in key

areas of the machine’s structure for

good load distribution. Highly dura-

ble rubbing strips on the underside

of the arm protect the structure

against impact damage. Plate di-

mensions on the new unique under-

carriage were increased to deliver

exceptional stability, improved lift-

ing capacity, and more durability.

Reliable and efficient

Productivity is the key to suc-

cess – all major components of the

PC490-10 are designed and directly

manufactured by Komatsu. Essen-

tial machine functions are perfectly

matched for a highly reliable and

productive machine.

Cast boom foot

Single piece boom plates