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Komatsu Wireless Monitoring System

The easy way to higher


KOMTRAX™ is the latest in wire-

less monitoring technology. It

delivers insightful and cost saving

information about your fleet and

equipment and offers you a wealth

of information to facilitate peak

machine performance. By creating

a tightly integrated web of support

it allows pro active and preventive

maintenance and helps you to ef-

ficiently run a business.


You get quick answers to basic and

critical questions about your ma-

chines - what they’re doing, when

they did it, where they’re located,

how they can be used more ef-

ficiently, and when they need to

be serviced. Performance data is

relayed by satellite from your ma-

chine to your computer and to your

local Komatsu distributor - who’s

readily available for expert analysis

and feedback.


KOMTRAX™ helps to conveniently

manage your fleet on the web,

wherever you are. Data is analysed

and packaged specifically for easy

and intuitive viewing in maps,

lists, graphs and charts. You can

anticipate the type of service and

parts your machines could require,

or troubleshoot problems before

Komatsu technicians arrive on site.