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Easy Maintenance



This is stand-

ard equipment

which removes

any water that

has become

mixed with the

fuel, preventing fuel system dam-


Quick access to filters and

fuel drain valve

The engine oil filter, the fuel filters

and the fuel drain valve are mount-

ed conveniently to make them eas-

ily accessible.

Easy cleaning of coolers

Hinged air conditioning cooler and

side-by-side radiator and oil cooler

allow easy access for cleaning.

Washable floor

The floor is easy to keep clean.

The gently inclined surface has

a flanged floormat and drainage

holes to facilitate runoff.

Long-life oil filters

The hydraulic oil filter uses high-

performance filtering material for

long element


intervals, which


reduces mainte-

nance costs.

Diesel particulate filter


Soot trapped in the diesel particu-

late filter is periodically and auto-

matically oxidized using the heat

from the engine exhaust.

Flexible warranty

When you purchase Komatsu equipment,

you gain access to a broad range of

programmes and services that have been

designed to help you get the most from

your investment. For example, Komatsu’s

Flexible Warranty Programme provides

a range of extended warranty

options on the machine and

its components. These can be

chosen to meet your individual

needs and activities. This pro-

gramme is designed to help

reduce total operating costs.

Inclined track frame

The track frame is sloped so that

dirt will not accumulate and can be

removed easily.