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Built around the EU Stage IIIB/EPA Tier 4 interim engine platform, Komatsu’s latest generation

of excavators continues a long tradition of uncompromising quality and total customer support,

while renewing a commitment to safety and environmental protection. Increased net horse-

power, lower fuel consumption and emissions, and the advanced electronic control system that

manages airflow rate, fuel injection and combustion parameters to optimize performance and

further reduce particulate matter and nitrogen oxides in the exhaust: you can trust “Dash 10”

machines to keep their promises of excellence.

Total versatility

• Ideal for a wide range of applications

• 6 working modes

• Two-mode boom control

• Wide choice of options

• Built-in versatility

Powerful and environmentally


• Low consumption EU Stage IIIB/

EPA Tier 4 interim engine

• Fuel-saving engine and hydraulic technology

• Adjustable Eco-gauge and idle caution

• Reduced wastage