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2 A 900 Compact Litronic


Rating per ISO 9249 ������������� 100 kW (136 HP) at 1,800 RPM Model ������������������������������� Liebherr D 834 according to level IIIA / Tier 3 Type �������������������������������� 4 cylinder in-line Bore/Stroke ������������������ 108/125 mm Displacement ���������������� 4.58 l Engine operation ����������������� 4-stroke diesel

Common Rail

turbo-charged and after-cooler reduced emissions

Harmful emissions values ������� in accordance with 97/68/EG Stage IIIA Cooling system ������������������� water-cooled and integrated motor oil cooler Air cleaner ������������������������� dry-type air cleaner with pre-cleaner, main and

safety elements Fuel tank ��������������������������� 330 l Engine idling ���������������������� sensor controlled Electrical system

Voltage ����������������������� 24 V Batteries ���������������������� 2 x 135 Ah/12 V

Alternator ��������������������� three phase current 28 V/110 A

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic pump ������������������� Liebherr, variable displacement, swashplate

pump Max. flow ��������������������� 297 l/min. Max. hydr. pressure �������� 350 bar Hydraulic pump

regulation and control ����������� Liebherr-Synchron-Comfort-system (LSC) with

electronic horsepower regulation, pressure cut-off, load sensing and torque controlled swing drive priority Hydraulic tank capacity ��������� 170 l Hydraulic system capacity ������ max. 290 l

Filtration ��������������������������� one main return filter with integrated partial micro

filtration (5 µm)

Cooling system ������������������� compact cooling system comprising cooling unit

for water, hydraulic oil and charge air with step­ less, thermostatically controlled fan

MODE selection ������������������ adjustment of engine and hydraulic performance

via a mode pre-selector to match application, e.g. for especially economical and environmentally ­friendly operation or for maximum digging per­ formance and heavy-duty jobs Engine speed and

output tuning ���������������������� stepless alignment of engine output and hydraulic

power via engine speed

Hydraulic Controls

Power distribution ���������������� via control valve with integrated safety valves,

simultaneous and independent operation of travel drive, swing drive and work Control type

Attachment and swing ����� proportional via joystick levers Travel ������������������������� electroproportional via foot pedal

Additional functions �������������� via switch and/or electroproportional foot pedals Option ������������������������������ Liebherr Proportional Control, proportionally

acting transmitters on the joysticks for additional hydraulic functions

Swing Drive

Drive �������������������������������� Liebherr swashplate motor with torque control

and integrated brake valve

Transmission ���������������������� Liebherr compact planetary reduction gear Swing ring ������������������������� Liebherr sealed single race ball bearing swing

ring, internal teeth Swing speed ���������������������� 0 – 9.0 RPM stepless Swing torque ���������������������� 42 kNm

Option ������������������������������ holding brake (pedal controlled positioning brake)

Operator’s Cab

Cab ��������������������������������� ROPS safety cab structure (capable of sweeping

over) with individual windscreens or featuring a slide-in subpart under the ceiling, work headlights integrated in the ceiling, a door with a side ­window (can be opened on both sides), large ­stowing and depositing possibilities, shock-absorbing suspension, sounddamping insulating, tinted laminated safety glass, separate window shades for the sunroof window and windscreen Operator’s seat ������������������� Liebherr-Air-Comfort seat, airsprung with auto-

matic weight adjustment, vertical and horizontal seat damping including consoles and joysticks. Seat and armrests adjustable separately and in combination, seat heating as standard Control system ������������������� arm consoles, swinging with the seat Operation and displays ��������� large high resolution colour display with self­

explanatory operation via touch screen or turn-push button, video capability, versatile adjusting, control and monitoring facilities, e.g. climate con-trol, implement and tool parameters

Air-conditioning ������������������ standard automatic air-conditioning, ambient air

function, fast de-icing and demisting at the press of a button, air vents can be operated via a menu; ambient air and fresh air filters can be easily replaced and are accessible from the outside; heating-cooling unit, designed for extreme out-side temperatures, sensors for solar radiation, inside and outside temperatures


Drive �������������������������������� variable flow swashplate motor with automatic

brake valve

Transmission ���������������������� oversized two speed power shift transmission

with additional creeper speed Travel speed ���������������������� 0 –  1.5 km/h (creeper speed off road)

0 –  5.0 km/h (off road)

0 –  6.0 km/h (creeper speed on road) 0 – 20.0 km/h (road travel) 0 – max. 30.0 km/h Speeder (Option)

Driving operation ����������������� automotive driving with accelerator pedal, tempo-

mat function: stepless saving of accelerator pedal position, both off- and on-road

Axles �������������������������������� 32 t excavator axles, automatic or operator con-

trolled front axle oscillation lock

Brakes ������������������������������ steering and rigid axle with wet, maintenance-

free multi disc brakes with minimized backlash. Spring applied/pressure released parking brake integrated into gear box

Stabilization ����������������������� stabilizing blade (adjustable during travel for

dozing) 2 point outriggers

stabilizing blade + 2 point outriggers Option ������������������������������ EW (extra wide gauge) undercarriage


Hydraulic cylinders ��������������� Liebherr cylinders with special seal system.

Shock absorption Pivots ������������������������������� sealed, low maintenance Lubrication ������������������������ Liebherr central lubrication system

Page 2 - brochures

This is a SEO version of brochures. Click here to view full version

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