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A 900 Compact Litronic


2-circuit brake system • Support individually controllable + Tires Mitas EM 22 • Wide gauge 2.75 m + Travel speed levels (four) • Piston rod protection support cylinders + Powershift transmission • Parking brake, maintenance-free • Tire variants, various + Pipe fracture safety on support cylinders • Custom paintwork undercarriage + Speeder * + Tool box on both sides, lockable • Central lubrication undercarriage +

Operator’s Cab

Storage bin • Mechanical hour meters, readable from outside the cab • Sunroof, right window and windshield with safety glass • Travel alarm + Fire extinguisher + Completely retractable windscreen • Front windscreen (bottom) retractable • Rubber floor mat • Dome light • Cab with bullet-proof glass (front and roof windows) and roof window wipers + Coat hook • Automatic air conditioning • Fuel consumption indicator • Electric cool box +

Steering column adjustable horizontally • LIDAT Standard (Liebherr data transfer system) + LIDAT Plus (extended Liebherr data transfer system) + Automatic engine shut-down (time adjustable) + 7” colour multifunction display with touchscreen • Emergency exit rear window • Bullet-proof roof glass panel with wiper + Preparation for radio installation • Radio controllable over menu + Rain hood over front window opening • Back-up alarm + Rear space monitoring with camera + Beacon + Right window made of one piece (without post) • All tinted windows • Wiper for sunroof + Two flood lights under rain hood • Xenon headlights + Door with sliding window • Protective grid up FOPS + Protective grid front FGPS + Seat belt • Sun visor + Sun roller blind • Roof sun screen + Auxiliary heating with clock timer + Storage space • Load bearing sectional profile structure, covered with deep-drawn panels • Electronic drive away lock + Wiper/washer • Cigarette lighter and ashtray • Additional halogen headlights behind cab + Additional halogen headlights front cab +


Refueling pump, electrical + Main battery switch for electrical system • Engine hood with gas spring • Uppercarriage doors, lockable • Beacon on counterweight + Custom paintwork uppercarriage + Power socket 12 V, 20 A + Central lubricating system, automatic •


Stop cock between hydraulic tank and pump(s) • Pressure test fittings • Accumulator for controlled lowering of the attachment with the engine shut down • Hydraulic oil from –20 °C to +40 °C • Hydraulic oil filter with integrated microfilter • Liebherr hydraulic oil, biologically degradable + Liebherr hydraulic oil, specially for warm and cold regions + Bypass filter + Change-over for controls (hammer/shear operation via pedals or joystick) +


Main boom, adjustable in height and laterally + Main boom, adjustable in height + Function rotating device incl. tubing + Function hammer/shear operation incl. tubing + Grapple sticks + Hoist limitation, electronic + Piston rod protection bucket cylinder + Piston rod protection stick cylinder + Load hook on stick + Shackle on stick + Leak oil line, additional for attaching tools + Liebherr ditchcleaning bucket program + Liebherr pallet forks + Liebherr quick change adapter, hydraulic or mechanical + Liebherr tilting bucket program + Liebherr swivel rotator program + Liebherr sorting grapple program + Liebherr backhoe bucket program + Liebherr tooth system + Liebherr clamshell grapple program + LIKUFIX, coupling hydraulic tools from the cab + Gooseneck boom + Gooseneck boom, stretched + Gooseneck boom, laterally adjustable + Pipe fracture safety boom cylinders • Pipe fracture safety stick resp. bucket cylinder + Hose quick coupling at end of stick • Custom painting for tools + Tool-Control, 10 tool adjustments selectable over the display + Tool-Management, fully automatic tool recognition + Overload warning device + Bottom chord protection for stick + Central lubricating system, expanded for connecting link + Central lubrication for quick change adapter +


Fuel theft protection + Fuel preheating + Coolant preheating 230 V + Liebherr particle filter + Air pre-cleaner +

 • = Standard, + = Option

* = not available in all countries

Options and/or special attachments, supplied by vendors other than Liebherr, are only to be installed with the knowledge and approval of Liebherr to retain warranty.

All illustrations and data may differ from standard equipment. Subject to change without notice.

Page 9 - brochures

This is a SEO version of brochures. Click here to view full version

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