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14 TL 441-10 Litronic – TL 451-13 Litronic

Technical data


John Deere diesel engine 4045HF287

Emissions regulations according 97/68/EC, 2004/26 EC stage IIIA and EPA/CARB Tier 3 Output (ISO 3046) 74 kW / 101 HP at 2,400 rpm Max. torque 430 Nm at 1,400 rpm Displacement 4.5 l / 275 in³

Design Four-cylinder in-line engine, water-cooled,

­turbocharger, air-to-air aftercooler Fuel injection Electronic direct injection Air filter Dry air filter with safety cartridge Cooling Hydrostatically powered, thermostatically

­controlled fan Operating voltage 12 V Batterie 12 V / 170 Ah Lighting dynamo 12 V / 75 A Starter 4.2 kW

Travel drive/control

Design Stepless hydrostatic travel drive with swash-

plate variable displacement pump and ­Liebherr hydro motor in a closed circuit, ­forward and reverse travel achieved by changing the flow-direction of the variable displacement pump Filtering Pressure filter for closed circuit Control Via electronic accelerator and combined

­brake-inch pedal, constant adjustment of ­tractive force at maximum diesel engine speed. Changes of direction can be selected using multifunction joystick Precise-control function Two levels effective on travel drive Travel speed Stepless variable

0 – 25 km/h / 15.5 mph 0 – 20 km/h / 12.4 mph (optional)

0 – 40 km/h / 24.7 mph with 84 kW / 114 HP (optional) (1)

(1) = TL 441-10 and TL 441-13


Service brake Deceleration effective on all four wheels by

hydrostatic travel drive, hydrostatically ­operated wet multiple-disk brakes in the front axle (internal)

Emergency brake Internal hydraulic spring-loaded brakes


Standard tyre equipment 405/70-24 (1) or 400/80-24 (2)

Design Tubeless tyres on one-piece rims Special tyre equipment As specified by manufacturer

(1) = TL 441-10 and TL 441-13, (2) = TL 451-10 and TL 451-13


Design Hydraulic steering of front and rear axles Types of steering Front-axle steering (for driving on roads), ­

all-wheel steering, crab steering

Implement hydraulics

Hydraulic system Supply according to loads (load-sensing

axial piston pump) Max. flow rate 120 l/min / 26.4 Imp. gpm Max. operating pressure 300 bar / 4,350 PSI

LUDV control Load-independent flow distribution for

­precise translation of simultaneous joystick movements into the appropriate operative movements, independent of external forces exerted on individual hydraulic components Filtering Return oil filter

Control Single joystick control via Liebherr multi- function joystick, electronically controlled Relief valves Load-control valves on lifting, tilt, telescopic

and stabilisers (3) cylinders; pilot-controlled pressure valves on frame levelling cylinder Main telescope Lifting, bucket crowd and telescoping pro-functions portionally controlled using multifunction­


Auxiliary implement 80 l/min / 17.6 Imp. gpm, joystick-controlled hydraulics

Precise-control function Two levels effective on implement hydraulics


Drive All-wheel drive

Front axles Steering knuckle control, fitted to swing

with a 5° oscillation on either side, stabilised by means of levelling cylinder Rear axles Steering knuckle control, fitted to swing with

a 9° oscillation on either side

Differential Automatic 45 % limited-slip differential in the

front axle

Transmission Planetary gear in the wheel hubs

Driver’s cab

Cab Flexible mounting, closed over-pressure

­ventilation, separate driver’s doors with lockable upper part, integrated ROPS/FOPS structure, tinted safety glass at the front and roof panel, windscreen-wiper system for front and rear windscreen

Driver’s seat Cushioned driver’s seat, adjustable four

ways, with seat belt. Adjustable to suit weight of the driver

Ventilation Pressure ventilation with fresh-air intake and

filtering, 3-speed fan, 6 exit nozzles Heating Warm-water heating, defroster for front and

rear windscreens

Service Capacities

Fuel tank 120 l 26.4 Imp. gal Cooling system 17 l 3.7 Imp. gal Engine oil (incl. filter change) 11 l 2.4 Imp. gal Hydraulic tank 95 l 20.9 Imp. gal Total hydraulics 180 l /190 (3) l 39.6/41.8 (3) Imp. gal Differential gears, each 6.7 l 1.5 Imp. gal Front axle hub, each 0.75 l 0.2 Imp. gal Rear axle hub, each 0.75 l 0.2 Imp. gal

(3) = TL 441-13 and TL 451-13

Noise emission

Operator sound exposure L


= 78 dB(A)

(ISO 6396) (Emission at the operator’s position) Exterior sound pressure L


= 106 dB(A)

(2000/14/EC) (Emission in the environment)

Page 14 - brochures

This is a SEO version of brochures. Click here to view full version

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