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“On Monday 25th January 2010 our perfectly ordinary lives changed forever. Adam, a roofer by profession had taken the opportunity to go skiing with friends. I got up, took our boys to school and went to work. At mid-day Adam’s friend Stuart called to say Adam had had a ‘little’ tumble’ on the slopes but didn’t seem overly concerned. My initial reaction? ‘Oh no, he’ll need time off work’. Little did I know!

Later Stuart called to say Adam was being air-lifted to hospital; even then I didn’t realise how serious it was. It was on arriving home I learned Adam had since fallen into a coma. I got the first available flight with the children and arrived at the hospital to be told by Adam’s consultant that my darling husband had damaged the main artery coming out of his heart; broken his neck, his back, had several haematomas on his brain and needed 4 hours of open heart surgery. He told me to prepare my children for the worst. The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was try to be strong for them when inside I was falling apart.

After 5 weeks in a coma Adam woke up against all odds and began a long, slow recovery. We arrived home two months later with zero income. Our savings had been used up and I had to leave work to care for Adam. Miles of red tape meant it would be months before our benefits claim could be processed.…Where to turn?

A friend contacted the Benevolent Fund and within days financial help arrived; a monthly payment and money to convert our bathroom into a wet-room.

That’s almost a year ago – Adam will suffer some brain damage permanently but he’s still with us, he’s positive about the future and that’s all that matters. Like everyone he has good and bad days.

One good day was last November. I was speaking at the Annual Dinner and was shaking with nerves but Adam was beside me, where he was supposed to be; more poignant because we followed Jennifer Deeney who hadn’t been so lucky, onto the stage. It was an honour to meet her.

I was grateful to be able to express our thanks; equally heart warming was the response. I was told later several men wiped away a tear and that a flood of extra donations were made after Jennifer and I had spoken.

That’s why I think it’s important for people like us to tell our stories; it raises awareness of how the money raised helps real people in times of trouble - just one less thing to worry about.

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Vicki Bailey and her husband Adam are one of countless families helped by the Lighthouse Club. She bravely tells her story…

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