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“The idea of running the marathon originated at a party where for reasons I’ll never understand I suggested it wouldn’t be too hard to do if you had enough training and determination. My brother seized on this stating I couldn’t run the marathon if I tried. With other people listening (including our MD, Jan Post) I immediately declared I could.

I’d never run even a half marathon before or actually done much in the way of exercise for years so I was horrified when Jan signed me up to run for the Lighthouse Club. But since it’s such a fantastic charity there was no backing out and I was determined at that point to put in a good performance.

That meant buckling down to training 4 or 5 times a week. A badly sprained ankle put me out of action for about 8 weeks but I wasn’t going to let it beat me. Simultaneously I wanted to raise as much money as possible. I had fantastic support from my colleagues and friends who arranged quizzes, collections and other games and events. I couldn’t have done it without them.

It was tough, I managed to run the first 20 miles without stopping but the last 6 miles were hugely difficult. Knees and hips were agony and my feet were in poor shape but I kept going and was thrilled with a time of 4 hours 32 minutes.

I’m sure I speak for all my fellow runners when I say it was a privilege to run for the Lighthouse Club which achieves such great things for so many people”.

Said a group of Management Trainees from Lavendon Access Services; one of them, Estel Nixon explains why…

“We were given a variety of challenges during our two year programme one being to raise a minimum sum for charity. The Lighthouse Club was a natural choice because it supports people working within one of Lavendon’s biggest customer bases. As a team we were determined to raise a substantial amount. We set about organising a charity Bike Ride between the two most distant Lavendon depots in the UK - Nationwide Platforms (Aberdeen) and Panther (Liskeard) covering a distance of 900 miles. Myself, Carl Torcetti, Joe Keely, Matthew Ross, and Stephen Whitfield rode new

bikes donated by Haulotte which we later auctioned off at Vertikal Days raising an amazing £5,500 to add to our total. Clothing and spare parts were provided by JLG with safety equipment and food donated by IPS. Other sponsors include Pirtek, Vodafone, Speedy Retail, Total Butler and BMI UK.

It was hard work, but 8 days later with tired legs and a bit saddle sore we achieved our goal. Altogether, including the auction of our bikes we raised £10,000.

Chairman of the Benevolent Fund Mark Everett said: “Our sincere thanks to this team and to Lavendon for this fantastic contribution. This sort of support enables us to continue helping hundreds of families every year”.

Lighthouse Club News 4

I Want to Ride My Bicycle…

We wish to extend our sincere thanks to Canary Wharf Contractors who have recently donated an astounding £20,000 to our Benevolent Fund…

Mr Cormac Mac Crann, Executive Director, Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd told us “The Canary Wharf Contractors Fund was set up some 10 years ago by CWC and our sub-contractors; Trustees of the Fund include representatives of CWC and our supply chain.

The Fund has two main annual fund raising events, its renowned golf day at Moor Park, and a 5 aside football competition at the London Soccer Dome, both of which have received tremendous levels of support over the years and even more so in these difficult times. It is thanks to the generosity of our

supporters and to the fact that the Fund incurs no administrative costs that we are able to make donations to both East London charities, National charities and to needy individuals and their families, who are involved in the construction industry.

We are delighted to have formed an association with The Lighthouse Club, to be able to tap its well established support infrastructure and to be able to help them continue assisting countless construction workers and their families during times of trouble.

We hope our association will be a lasting one and will encourage our supporters to support the Lighthouse Club in turn.”

Canary Wharf Contractors Use Their Fund to Help Our Fund…

A ‘Run’ away Success….

Every year our London Marathon Runners raise huge amounts of money. Our 5 runners this year achieved great success, collectively raising over £19,000. One of them, Kieran Brogan from Rift International tells his story….

Kieran Brogan

Issue 202

Page 4 - brochures

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