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It’s a Lighthouse World

Do you know exactly how far our light reaches?

The Construction Industry Charity’s Newsletter

LHC International Liaison, Les Leslie reports “The Lighthouse burns bright 50 years after our U.K Benevolent Fund was founded. Branches worldwide are supporting the Club’s aims of helping others, fostering fellowship within the construction industry and having fun.

We nowhave branches from the UK to Australia; the Asia Pacifc Hong Kong, Macau, Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, Vietnamand Cambodia; theMiddle East Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar and Holland has 34 branches including two in Curacao and Aruba. We’re a truly Global Club.

EddieWard started the ball rolling frst in the UK, then 25 years ago in Hong Kong, but it’s our members whomake the Clubwhat it is today. The heart of the Club is benevolence andwhat better to typify this than the countless families who have received assistance fromLighthouse Benevolent Funds worldwide.

This year teams fromHong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore andManila Branches will tackle the Challenge of the Ascent of Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, Borneo. They aim to raise £200,000 for the Asia Pacifc and Branch Charities whilst enjoying camaraderie and earning the satisfaction of saying “I helped”.

Brisbane are just starting their journey of Branch development; they held their frst “Get Together” in January with the help of Roy Pyke now resident in Brisbane but formerly an East Midlands branchmember of 30 years. A recurrent theme, manymembers moving to pastures new found Branches in new locations. TheMiddle East branches were initiated by Asia Pacifcmembers. Branches in Cambodia and Vietnamwere founded by members fromBangkok and Hong Kong.

Annual Balls, Monthly Get Togethers and a host of social events foster the camaraderie of the Club but helping our industry improve its safety consciousness and record has become a vital part of the scene.

Hong Kong has held Annual Safety Awards for Foremen and Golden Helmet Awards for signifcant achievement in promoting safety for 15 years now; these have expanded to awards for Architects and Consulting Engineers for safety conscious design. This year Kuala Lumpur initiated similar awards in associationwith theMaster Builders Federation of Malaysia.

In addition to helping construction families where death, accident and illness have fundamentally changed their lives, the branches have embarked on fnancially supporting youngsters striving for a career in construction but needing assistance. Building Schools in remote locations for construction communities providing bursaries for university education the list is endless and the efforts of members in branches in U.K. and worldwide are trulymoving.

Together we really domake aWorld of Difference!”

National Offce, 1st Floor, 11 Northgate Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 3BX Tel: 0844 272 6322 | E-mail:

news Lighthouse Club

ISSUE 203 | SPRING 2012

Construction Industry Summer Ball

Saturday 30th June 2012

The Honorable Artillery Company, London

Tickets are nowon sale for this extremely popular annual event featuring all the usual attractions including a funfair and sumptuous dinner before dancing the night away.

Make sure you book early to avoid disappointment. Tickets are £175 each (all drinks included)

For more information on the Ball please contact MarianWebb Tel: 01895 829761 e-mail

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